Car Loans

What are some of the basic facts that you need to know about car loans? Are they different from your average home loan? If so, what makes a car loan unique? What qualifications are needed in order to obtain a car loan? How should you prepare before you apply for a car loan? How important is one's credit when seeking a car loan?

Pay Off

Obtaining a car loan is the first step. The important question pertains to the pay off. What is the best way to pay off your car loan? Is there a way to pay off your car loan quickly and early? Should you make monthly payments slightly higher than the set amount? Is making one large payment each year a good idea?

Future Drivers

If you are the parent of a teenager that will soon be obtaining his or her driver's license, what steps should you ensure to prepare your child for driving? How can you teach your child about the responsibility of driving and making car payments and insurance payments? Is there a good time to prepare your child for those future driving responsibilities?

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